Comic Con Update #1

July 22nd, 2010 by Max Allan Collins

Preview night at the con was predictably wild. I ran into several good pals — including Seduction of the Innocent compadre Chris Christensen and my ASIAN CULT CINEMA cohort Ric Meyers. Disappointingly, bookseller Bud Plant has cut his booth space by about 75% — this was annually the best place at the con to buy comic art and pop culture books, and now he is offering a much smaller (but still wonderful) selection. I have set up a meeting with an editor from Del Rey to discuss a vampire PI project, and saw my Del Rey GI JOE editor, who indicates more JOE projects may be in the offing. The show has changed — it is multi-media, trade show hucksterism at its best and worst. Nate and his friend Abby spent half an hour talking to the great Stan Sakai. Tomorrow I have a panel at 4, and a couple of other business meetings, plus hope to be able to stop by the Riff Trax signing to say hello to my buddies Mike, Kevin and Bill.


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