The Rising Son

October 26th, 2010 by Max Allan Collins

My son Nate, who – as regulars here well know – runs this web site will be in Japan for a month (he’s there already as you read this). So he’ll be putting up these weekly updates from Japan, and I don’t think there will be any glitches, but (just in case) I thought I’d mention it.

Quarry's ListWe will continue to showcase the upcoming QUARRY reprints. This week it’s QUARRY’S LIST, and another of Terry Beatty’s terrific covers.

I usually post quite a few links to news stories and reviews, but this week, I’m all over the web and it’s one story endlessly recycled…but it’s very good news, so I’ll repeat it here, even though you probably already have Charles Ardai’s press release memorized by now.

Hard Case Crime is moving to the great UK publisher Titan (they are distributed in the USA by Random House). Titan is one of my favorite publishing houses, and publisher Nick Landau is one of my favorite publishers…favorite people, actually. Titan is the house where we will very likely be doing collections of a certain Collins/Beatty title, and another key property I’m involved with may be moving to Titan, as well – I’ll share more when I’m able).

Anyway, one of the first (if not the first) titles Hard Case will be doing at Titan is the postponed (but very well-reviewed) QUARRY’S EX. There is no contract for another Quarry yet, but Charles and I are talking. What is much more firm is another Spillane/Collins collaboration – a non-Mike Hammer, but the sequel to one of Mickey’s best bestsellers. And to make that news even more exciting, Robert McGinnis will be doing the cover.

I do have one link for you, a very nice write-up about an hour-long internet/radio interview I did, and it includes a link to that interview. I know you’ve heard and read plenty of interviews with me, but I was in a weird mood that day and spilled a bunch of new beans. So it may be worth your time.

Nate, have fun in Japan! And everybody reading this needs to read the book that paid for the trip, and the link is right here.


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4 Responses to “The Rising Son”

  1. dan luft says:

    I just sifted through my old paperbacks. Did Spillane ever have a McGinnis cover before? My cover of Killer Mine was a possible McGinnis but then again it might not be and there was no inside credit.

  2. I believe ME, HOOD! and KILLER MINE were McGinnis covers. Overseas, a number of McGinnis MIKE SHAYNE covers were used on Mickey’s books.

  3. fldrmaus says:

    On the Perfect Crime website it says the Quarry reprints should be available, but Amazon doesn’t have them listed… When will Amazon have them available?

  4. Soon. Sometime this month. Please keep checking!