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August 16th, 2011 by Max Allan Collins
Bye Bye Baby

Today (Aug. 16) is the publication date of the first Heller in almost a decade (but you knew that): BYE BYE, BABY. All I ask is that everybody reading this buy 25 copies and ship them to friends (or strangers if necessary).

The audio book is also available, and is the first of a new series from Brilliance that will present every single Nate Heller novel – and the two short story collections – in new audio presentations. This is exciting news, at least for me, and these audio presentations will tie in with the new trade-paperback/e-book reprint series of the complete Nathan Heller Memoirs from Amazon/Encore.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: I will be doing daily updates while Barb and I are on the road the next week’s whirlwind West Coast Tour for our bouncing BABY (see tour schedule above).

This will be a busy week around the Collins household. Barb and I are preparing for the tour, which also will be promoting “Barbara Allan” and other projects, like Hard Case Crime titles and ongoing Mike Hammer projects. And (speaking of Hammer) I will be continuing a crazy work schedule to complete LADY, GO DIE! before we leave next Monday.

Also this week, Barb and I have our 45th high school reunion and of course Crusin’ is playing for that, this coming Saturday night. The band will have a monster rehearsal this week picking up even more ‘60s material for that very special gig.

There are a few nice MAC mentions that have popped up in the last week or so on the Net. Here, for instance, is a cool discussion of Chicago crime that talks about the movie and book, ROAD TO PERDITION, liking both but liking the latter more.

The New York Post has included BYE BYE, BABY on a “required reading” list.

This blog entry – again from the Ed who isn’t Gorman – has smart things to say about Mickey Spillane and Mike Hammer, and a particularly insightful look at the film KISS ME DEADLY. Ed Who Is Not Gorman also highly recommends my documentary on the Criterion release.

There’s a very nice overview of the hardboiled/noir genre in multi-parts that includes Nate Heller and me. But the whole series is good, with insightful comments about Mickey and Hammer.

You’ll have to scroll down to find it (or just read your way down, because it’s a good blog), but here’s a nice review of the upcoming QUARRY’S EX.


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2 Responses to “Hi, Hi Baby”

  1. Joe Menta says:

    Wow, all the Hellers are getting the unabridged audio treatment? Is this the first time any of them have been on audio? Are you pleased with Brilliance’s choice of narrator or narrators?

    In any event, this is great news, as there are a few Heller holes in my literary history, and some quality listening during my commute should solve that. In fact, I may just listen to them all in the order they were originally released.

  2. Michel says:

    Yesterday I received my copy of the book. Despite all the others books who wait on my bedside tabel, I read the first sentence and not before long, the first chapter was behind me!
    It seems I can’t resist you! ;-)

    I’m a big MM fan also! I read a lot about her person and call a couple of books about her my own. Loved the pool scene! Knew exactly what images you meant there. Great ending of the first chapter. Only you could pull a stunt like this, smile.
    Remains only to say thanks, that you gave us readers finally a new Nate Heller novel. And what a special topic it has inside! The Marilyn flavor. A dream come true.
    Best regards from Switzerland.


    PS: can’t wait for the next Heller. JFK? Great. Almost a sequel to this one.