Decatur Book Fair Report

September 6th, 2011 by Max Allan Collins
How I can get away with talking to a good-looking young blonde: sign ANTIQUES ROADKILL to her with Barb snapping the pic.
Who says I’m not an outdoorsman?
What Barb does at a book fair.
Pontificating in public with Persia Walker on noir panel.
Jim Traylor of GA and MAC of IA work on their upcoming collaboration, SPILLANE ON SCREEN (for McFarland).

The Decatur Book Fair was a lot of fun, and felt more like a mini-vacation than a book tour stop. Barb and I met some wonderful readers – new and old – at the event, and the panel with Persia Walker was well-attended, with great audience questions. Persia is as lovely as her writing style, which is plenty lovely, and her subject matter is historical noir, so we were a good fit. Barb was not on the panel, but there were Trash ‘n’ Treasures fans afoot and we signed several copies of the paperback versions. Also, if you go the Atlanta area, try Fox Brothers for barbecue. The only barbecue we’ve had that rivals or possibly tops Pappy’s in my son’s St. Louis haunts.

The Titan relaunch of Hard Case Crime is getting lots of web attention, including Publisher’s Weekly itself.

Online venues are excited about Hard Case’s return. Check out this nice write-up.

Even the Associated Press noticed the Hard Case revival, and went so far as to interview an obscure Iowa author for a quote or two.

And THE CONSUMMATA already has several nice reader reviews at Goodreads.

As I’ve mentioned here, I am one of the writers for the new Fangoria radio series, DREADTIME STORIES. I’ve done three scripts for the series so far, with the first set to air next week (“Reincarnal,” which I’m also going to be adapting into a film script, possibly for my long-awaited…by me, anyway…return to film directing). Check out the first show here (and see the announcement for “Reincarnal”).


[Nate speaking: Just a quick reminder — Max and Barb are appearing at the Centuries & Sleuths bookstore in Chicago this Thursday (Sept. 8) at 7PM for a signing and Q&A.]

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3 Responses to “Decatur Book Fair Report”

  1. Jim Traylor says:

    Great to work with you at the Decatur Book Fair on our upcoming SPILLANE ON SCREEN. I just finished BYE BYE, BABY and QUARRY’S EX. Both of these books are consistently entertaining and up to your high standards. Good to see Heller back in action after all these years. And you well know that Quarry is my favorite Collins’ character. I can hardly wait for the new Mike Hammer.

  2. Edmond D. Smith says:

    Hi, Max:

    You ever plan on venturing out of the Middle/Western part the US for a journey out East? I’m sure you’d find you have more than a few fans clinging to the Atlantic coast, especially around the Boston/Providence/Hartford area.

    Love to get a chance to meet you.

  3. mike doran says:

    Max & Barb:

    Just a note to let you know that I got home safely from C&S last night.
    Left the store at 8:35 (approx.).
    Got to the El station ; train left 8:59.
    Arrived in Loop 9:20.
    Orange Line arrived 9:30.
    Arrived at Pulaski 9:56.
    Pulaski bus (to 115th) arrived 10:03. (last one that night; no 20-block walk *YAY*)
    Arrived at 98th (Home Sweet Home) 10:35.

    So you see what I go through in service of my fanship.
    (Not that I’m complaining or anything ….
    … but next time, how about a nice Saturday afternoon?

    But seriously, it was extra-good to see you two again.
    Don’t make it so long next time, okay?

    And now that I think of it, I forgot to follow up on that Johnny Mercer- Mike Hammer musical …
    Oh well …