The Final Collins/Cornelison Collaboration

October 18th, 2011 by Max Allan Collins

The Final Collins/Cornelison Collaboration — a recording from the house of the only performance of a short play written for the 711 Project Competition in Des Moine last summer. The play had to be written, produced, rehearsed and performed in one week. I was given several things that I had to use, a couple of phrases, a genre, and a set that would be common to all the plays. It was a two-night competition and we won Friday night. I was not present.

2 Responses to “The Final Collins/Cornelison Collaboration”

  1. Gerard Saylor says:

    I liked it. What were the required phrases?

  2. I don’t recall exactly what the elements were I had to include. Two lines/phrases, one of which was “That’s gonna leave a mark” and I believe a name and job description, plus there had to be a manila envelope as a prop; also it was to be a “buddy” play, and had to use the setting provided. Might have been a couple of other things. I got these over the phone from Mike and then sat down and wrote the little play. There is a better video on Facebook that Nate I hope we can posted on You Tube, incidentally.