PWA Hammer Award Video

November 20th, 2012 by Max Allan Collins

I am still recuperating from ASK NOT, and Barb and I are winding up a getaway weekend in St. Louis with Nate and Abby. (We saw CINEMATIC TITANIC live, riffing to DOLL SQUAD. TV’s Frank rules.) We also saw LINCOLN, which was excellent (no riffing).

So I’m just going to wish everybody a restful and fun Thanksgiving, and share this fun video of my acceptance speech (on that boat ride Shamus presentation at Bouchercon in Cleveland recently) of the “Hammer,” the award for an influential, long-running PI series (named for Mike Hammer).

Footage provided by Eugene George


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4 Responses to “PWA Hammer Award Video”

  1. mike doran says:

    Been a while for me since the last time, but now at long last I have a reason.

    This past weekend, I happened by Centuries & Sleuths, after too long an absence.
    And what should I find on Augie’s shelves but TARGET: LANCER?
    Fully two weeks before it’s supposed to hit the shelves of the Big Stores (or what’s left of them, anyway)?
    This was Saturday, and I was short of ready cash, and there was a notice that Bob Goldsborough was coming in on Sunday to sign ARCHIE MEETS NERO WOLFE, and so there went the rest of the weekend.

    Comes Sunday, and I’m back at C&S, and it’s a packed house, and Augie is beside himself with joy, and Bob is in top form, and I get two books I’ve been waiting for …

    … and I find out that you’re going to be there on December 18!
    So I wish for you at least as big a crowd as Bob Goldsborough got.
    I believe Bob said he’d be there too.
    As will I – with my copy of TARGET: LANCER (and Augie’s sales slip) in tow, ready for signature.

    So keep on keepin’ on.

  2. mike doran says:


    Make that December 16th!

    *note to self: get eyes checked soonest*

  3. I just got my TARGET LANCER author’s copies this evening (Wed before Thanksgiving). It’s a fine-looking book, a cover I approve of with copy I wrote, and lovely raised, red foil lettering.

    I am a big fan of Bob G’s, and read an advance copy of the Wolfe book. I’m proud to say I had a little input. And I just finished his follow-up, which is also terrific. It’s just such a pleasure to read Bob’s excellent Wolfe continuations again.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Mike, and see you soon!

  4. mike doran says:

    Did I read that right?

    I got my TARGET LANCER … BEFORE you got yours?
    (Along with any of C&S’s other customers this past weekend?)

    Is this a commentary on the current state of publishing?

    By that I mean does ANYBODY know what they’re doing?

    Not that I’m complaining or anything, but civilians like me aren’t supposed to be that far ahead of the curve.

    Although Augie scored his store stock ahead of the chains, so there’s that …

    It seems to my amateur eyes that book publishing is getting stranger and stranger as time goes on.

    Hoping you and Barb find ways to cope with it all …

    …. and see you at C&S next month.