Comic Con: Day Two

July 20th, 2013 by Max Allan Collins

A very fun day at the con for me. I shopped for yet more books, and did some art wheeling and dealing – all par for the course. But I also spent time with Leonard and Alice Maltin (and their cool daughter Jessie), first at the Warner Archives panel and then accompanying them while Leonard did a signing in the autograph hall. The WA panel was great, with clips from all kinds of psychotronic movies – even Leonard was impressed that the first clip session represented movies (THE GREEN SLIME and THE HYPNOTIC EYE, for example) that I had seen in the theater as a kid. One exception: BEAST WITH FIVE FINGERS was before I was born, so I had a good excuse.

The creator of X-FILES, Chris Carter, was signing at the IDW booth (with Gillian Anderson) for an X-Files comic book, and I was able to pull strings and briefly met Carter, just for a handshake and a hello. I had not dealt directly with him on the writing of the X-Files novel I WANT TO BELIEVE, but he remembered me and said I did a great job…and remembered also that I was one of three people on the planet who had access to the full script during filming. Very nice guy. I unfortunately did not get to meet Ms. Anderson.

I did get to meet Adrienne Barbeau at the Shout! booth, where she and my old buddy Len Wein were signing SWAMP THING blu-rays. I got one signed, and THE FOG, too, and had a short but very warm talk with both Len and Ms. Barbeau. I also chatted with several nice people at the Shout! booth about the possibility of me being interviewed for the upcoming blu-ray of PEE WEE’S PLAYHOUSE – Paul Reubens had personally suggested me! Also, we spoke briefly about a possible new release of a restored, remastered MOMMY/MOMMY’S DAY double feature. Shout! Is probably my favorite home video company, so that would be a dream come true.

I also ran into Tom Kenny of SPONGEBOB and MR. SHOW fame, who is a longtime and very hardcore M.A.C. fan. Since I am a fan of Tom’s work, this leads to full embarrassment as we simultaneously melt down in public at each other’s feet.

Tom Kenny SDCC 2013
Tom Kenny and M.A.C.

Nate was on the tie-in panel (also Scribe Awards presentation), which featured a great line-up as previously listed. A very strong panel despite the limitation of time.

Scribes Awards 2013
Scribes Awards 2013

We will probably take the day off tomorrow (Saturday) for family fun type stuff. I love the con, but right now need some time away. Then Sunday will be a blast.



2 Responses to “Comic Con: Day Two”

  1. Gerard Saylor says:

    I really enjoyed the second X-FILES movie. I surprised by it.

    Did you do any work for PEE WEE’S PLAYHOUSE?

  2. I liked the second X-FILES, too, and was thrilled to write the novel.

    No, I didn’t work on the PLAYHOUSE. I got to know Paul Reubens after I gave him some publicity in the DICK TRACY strip. Terry Beatty and I took a break from San Diego Con around 1982 to visit him at his home in LA — a small, toy-filled wonder. Paul would call me from time to time to discuss the Pee-Wee movie he was trying to get made. He knew I was a film buff and wanted input. I sent him copies of things like Eddie Cantor in ROMAN SCANDALS and Russ Meyer’s FASTER PUSSYCAST, KILL KILL. After the Tim Burton movie got made, I didn’t hear from him other than yearly Christmas cards (wonderful Pee-Wee pics) frequently accompanied by handwritten notes. He seems to have followed my career somewhat.