M.A.C.: Most Wanted

April 21st, 2015 by Max Allan Collins

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4 Responses to “M.A.C.: Most Wanted”

  1. Joe Menta says:

    Thanks for posting this, Max! Made for an enjoyable few minutes during a break earlier today. I hope it translates to additional sales for you and Barb.

  2. Andrew Reiss says:

    It was very cool to watch this video of my favorite writer. Thank you. I think I will check out the series you have written with your wife, Who knows, maybe my wife will read them too.

  3. Max Allan Collins says:

    Thank you, gentleman. I was a little lazy this week. Nate got on me for not even writing an intro. I thought the video spoke of itself. But he’s right…I was lazy….

  4. stephen borer says:

    Never thought I’d see MAC referring to himself as ‘lazy’. Nope- busy, devoted, distracted by the roof and the spring rains, but NEVER LAZY.