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Even More Free Books!

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011
Antiques Bizarre

We were able to lay hands on a few more copies – ten each – of ANTIQUES KNOCK-OFF by Barbara Allan and NO ONE WILL HEAR YOU by M.A.C. and Matthew Clemens. We also have ten copies of the just published paperback of ANTIQUES BIZARRE by Barbara Allan.

First come, first serve, to anyone pledging to review the book on a blog and/or on Amazon (and/or Barnes & Noble). Ask for one or both or even all three, depending on your interest and taste.

When these ten (of each) are gone, the days of a free lunch – or anyway, a book to read while you’re eating the lunch you paid for – are over.

E-mail me at and include your snail mail address. We can’t honor requests from overseas. We only do business with good law-biding Americans! Or maybe it’s because it’s so damn expensive mailing books internationally….

Bill Crider, that terrific writer and the host of my favorite mystery website, has written a wonderful review of NO ONE WILL HEAR YOU.

Matt Clemens and I did a joint interview you may find of interest at

And Matt was interviewed by Sean Leary a while back, but it’s only turning up now on the net. Check it out.

Our local paper, the Muscatine Journal, gave Barb and me a nice write-up about the Trash ‘n’ Treasures ANTIQUES series, among other things, including info about a book signing coming up on Saturday, March 19, at the Davenport Barnes & Noble. This is the first signing in support of ANTIQUES KNOCK-OFF and NO ONE WILL HEAR YOU.

I hear from fans all the time, bemoaning the fact that we don’t do as many signings as we used to, but signings just aren’t what they used to be. We are limiting ourselves to our home area, and a few places we get to now and then, anyway – like Chicago and St. Louis. But we are attending the St. Louis Bouchercon, and it’s looking likely that Crusin’ will be playing, probably with some guest stars from the mystery community.

Speaking of Crusin’, we appeared Saturday night (March 5) at the Thirsty Camel, a bar/restaurant outside tiny Conesville, Iowa. The Camel is a big tin building, beautifully appointed in rustic style, that you approach by driving down a dirt road with cornfield on either side. It’s way back from the road – though a very modern lektrical sign points the way – by a rodeo set-up. This is as down-home as I get, by the way.

The Camel has burned down twice, and this new version is sparkling new. The original Camel was one of the Crusin’ regular stops of our golden era – 1975–1980. For about two years of that period, I was a professional musician – the band very successful, and showcasing Bruce Peters (the greatest guitarist and showman ever to come out of Iowa), and my buddy Paul Thomas on bass – both gone, now. Powerhouse Ric Steed drummed. Everybody sang, but Bruce was the best singer the band ever had.

The current version of Crusin’ features a guitar player who challenges Bruce’s mastery of the instrument – Jim Van Winkle – and also has original Daybreakers member Chuck Bunn as part of the line-up, with rock-steady drummer Steve Kundel a longtime veteran of the group (first coming in around 1989). Even with this strong a line-up, going in to play in a part of the world where our most popular line-up is frankly legendary was slightly intimidating…but I am pleased to report that we had a large, enthusiastic crowd, and quite a few people stopped me to say that we sounded just as good as we had “back in the day.” And it looks to be a once-a-month venue for us again.


Road To Wilton

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Of the great reviews and interviews that have been generated by the release of ROAD TO PERDITION on Blu-ray, this one from the L.A. Times (calling me “the great pulp-spirited author”), is one of the best. It includes a visit with my pal Daniel Craig. Yeah, I know James Bond. Deal with it.

The rest of this update will be a little special. I’m asking my son Nate to share some of the great photos he took of my band Crusin’ and our pals the XL’S (yeah, I know the XL’s – deal with it) at the recent, very well-received Great River Days concert in Muscatine.

The two bands are sharing the stage (albeit on separate nights) at the big Wilton Founder’s Day Event this coming weekend. Crusin’ plays Friday night (August 27) from 9 pm to 1 a.m., and the XL’s do the same the next night.

Wilton is close to Muscatine, but I’m bad at directions, so just google Wilton, Iowa – it’s a street event, so we won’t be hard to find. Come early and enjoy the carnival type doings, and stop by the Wilton Candy Kitchen, a legendary (and wonderful) oldtime soda shop.


Great River Days

Great River Days

Great River Days

Great River Days

Great River Days

Love That Dirty Water

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

For those of you who might be attending the Crusin’/XL’S concert Thursday night at 7 p.m. in Muscatine, the venue has shifted from the Riverfront to the Muscatine Community College parking lot (due to flood conditions downtown). This will be a terrific, once-in-a-lifetime event for ‘60s garage band fans! Here’s some love we got from the Quad City Times.

We are back from the San Diego Comic Con and are exhausted, so our update will be brief.

However…for you guys who stop by for the weekly update, I did daily updates at the con, so scroll and see much cool stuff featuring the likes of the Riff Trax boys, Patton Oswalt and Tommy Wiseau.

Some wonderful reviews popped up while we were away, including this one about THE BIG BANG on Kindle.

Jeff Pierce at the Rap Sheet was kind enough to include THE BIG BANG among his favorite reads of the first half of 2010. He also mentioned the Nate Heller novel, FLYING BLIND, as a candidate for one of the best crime novels ever.

Another great BIG BANG review, and a really smart one I think, focuses on the audio book version read by the legendary Stacy Keach.


Comic Con Update #5

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Our last day at the con was fun, and saw both Nate and me snagging some bargains, but the crowds remained heavy — used to be Sunday was a light day at the San Diego Comic Con (I mean, Comic Con International), but no more. For the first time in all the years I’ve attended, I never made it around the entire room. The middle section, with the Hollywood stuff, was really clogged.

Bill Plimpton

I ran into some interesting people, like the genius animator Bill Plympton (pictured here). I stopped by a table to say hi to actor Thomas Jane, who judged the con film festival with me two years ago, and he didn’t remember me at all — I said hi, anyway. As always, I tracked down Maggie Thompson of the Comic Buyer’s Guide, and had a short but lovely conversation with one of my favorite people in comics fandom. Also talked to the con’s head honcho, old friend Jackie Estrada, and we discussed the possibility of a return of Seduction of the Innocent, not at the humongous San Diego affair, but possibly a WonderCon. Bob Chapman of Graffitti Design fixed me up with some great t-shirts, and I had a promising meeting with the Titan folks about future projects.

There are rumors that the con may leave San Diego, but I hope that never happens — it’s a lovely city and the kind where you can get away from the con and really enjoy yourself. We will be back in Iowa before you know it, where heavy rain is threatening the upcoming XL’S/Crusin’ concert for Great River Days…but word has it the show will go on. Stay tuned.