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Preview Night At Comic Con

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

After endless shuffling by convention staff in various directions, Nate, Abby and I were directed to a line for professionals waiting to get in to the dealer’s hall. There a very high-energy young woman cheerfully played power games, changing up the width of the line and telling us to sit or stand according to her whim. My goal was to get someone to trade me their Batman TV show giant bag courtesy of DC/Warners for my similar Green Arrow one. This mission failed miserably.

The dealer’s hall is vast, like a couple of football fields slammed together, but it was nicely air-conditioned and somewhat less busy than recent years – aisles not so clogged, tempers not so frayed. Purchases were made, fun was had, but I definitely am feeling like this event is starting to overwhelm me.

I have a business lunch tomorrow and Nathan has a panel. In between, I will be exploring the hall, searching out bargains, running into friends, and making new business contacts. I don’t bother trying to get into panels.

Henry Aldrich Strip

I spent much of my time on this first night working on art deals – I have collected original comic art for a long time, and was able to trade art I brought for a nice Joe Kubert “Green Berets” original, as well as an unpublished try-out strip for HENRY ALDRICH. I love the movies with Jimmy Lydon, though admittedly the radio show is fairly frantic. But Henry Aldrich predates both Andy Hardy and Archie Andrews (ARCHIE began as an outright ALDRICH imitation), so it’s historically very interesting. The strip I picked up is particularly interesting because it was drawn by David Berg of MAD MAGAZINE fame and written by (wait for it) Jerry Siegel. You know – the co-creator of SUPERMAN. Must have been frustrating for Aldrich creator Clifford Goldsmith to see the ARCHIE strip flourish when he couldn’t get the original teenager comedy into the funnies. (There was a successful Dell comic book, though.)

By the way, my son finagled me a Batman TV show bag, which shows just what kind of son he is. And what a ridiculous father he has.


Comic Con 2013 Schedule

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

Here is our San Diego Comic Con schedule:

THURSDAY 6:30-7:30. With possible signs of increasing sales in manga and anime, is this a good time to enter the world of freelance translation and localization? Get some questions answered, hear some fun stories, and learn of possible upcoming trends with long-time freelancers and industry insiders William Flanagan (Fairy Tail), Jonathan Tarbox (Fist of the Northstar), Shaenon Garrity (Case Closed), Mari Morimoto (Naruto), Stephen Paul (One Piece), Ed Chavez (marketing director, Vertical), and Nathan Collins (Metal Gear Solid)! Room 26AB

FRIDAY 6:00-7:00 International Association of Media Tie-in Writers: Scribe Awards — Max Allan Collins (Mike Hammer), co-founder of the IAMTW, will announce the winners of this year’s Scribe Awards for excellence in tie-in writing, including honoring this year’s Grandmaster Award “Faust” winner, Ann C. Crispin (Pirates of the Caribbean). Join panelists Kevin J. Anderson (Dune), Nathan Collins (Metal Gear), Peter David (After Earth), Glenn Hauman (Star Trek), Jeff Mariotte (Terminator), and Rebecca Moesta (Star Wars) for a freewheeling look at one of the most popular and yet under-appreciated branches of the writing trade. Followed by a Q&A session. Room 23ABC

SIGNINGS: I will be at the Hermes Press booth on Sunday from 1 to 2:30 P.M. I’ll be signing the beautiful complete collection of the MIKE HAMMER comic strip that I edited and introduced, but you are welcome to stop by with any book of mine. Also, I will be hanging around the Mysterious Galaxy booth that same day from noon till 12:45, and Nate and Barb will be on hand, too. Copies of Nate’s METAL GEAR book will be available, and some Barbara Allan titles will be there for signing as well. We have no formal signing set in the autograph hall.

We will be doing daily updates from the convention, starting Thursday morning (we will be attending preview night on Wednesday).

Movie recommendation: PACIFIC RIM. Imagine a smart TRANSFORMER movie – contradiction in terms? Maybe. It reminded Barb and me of STARSHIP TROOPERS, and that’s a good thing.

* * *

Here’s a review of STRIP FOR MURDER from Mel Odom. Mel usually likes my stuff, but he’s less keen on this than its predecessor (A KILLING IN COMICS). This novel hasn’t had a terribly warm response (tepid on Amazon), which is a head-scratcher to me. I think it’s at least as good as the first Jack Starr, but that may be because I am very interested in the true story behind it (the Al Capp/Ham Fisher feud).

Lots of coverage in Mississippi and Tennessee on the upcoming Cinemax QUARRY shoot – which starts July 22! Check out samplings of that local coverage here and here.

And two more cast members, one from SONS OF ANARCHY and another from THE WIRE.

Here’s a Matt Clemens interview promoting his upcoming Muncie conference appearance.

And, finally, check out this unusual MS. TREE splash page from Terry Beatty and the amusing headline.