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Comic Con Update #4

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

Scribes Awards 2010

Here’s a link to the nominees and winners of this year’s Scribes. Scroll down and read about the great new book about the tie-in biz edited by Lee Goldberg and contributed to by me.

Saturday is a day I like to avoid at the con, and Barb and I started out by sleeping in (while Nate and his girl friend Abby went over to Coronardo island to have lunch at the SOME LIKE IT HOT/SOMEWHERE IN TIME hotel) and had a lovely lunch at the Fish Market, then walked along the water down to Seaport Village. Very lazy, damn near vacation-like.

Scribes Awards 2010

But we wound up at the con by late afternoon, where I encountered Patton Oswalt. As I reported yesterday, we saw Patton at the House of Blues and he was just outright brilliant — Barb was hoarse today from laughing so hard. We caught up with Patton where he’d just finished a signing at the Dark Horse booth, and to my delight, he was (comic geek that he is) glad to see me. We talked for about ten minutes and I gave him an advance copy of QUARRY’S EX. He is a delightful, down-to-earth, very funny (obviously) guy. I have no idea why he suddenly stabbed me in the eye with a pen.


Comic Con Update #3

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Scribes Awards 2010

The Scribes Award and tie-in panel went very well — nicely attended, and with fun acceptance speeches and a lively panel. Thanks to my cohort Lee Goldberg for co-hosting. I’ll try to post the winners tomorrow.

Nate and his girl friend Abby met Tommy Wiseau, the writer/star/director of the cult fave movie THE ROOM. He was friendly and intense and the signing (on the con floor, unofficial) was everything Nate had hoped it would be.

Tommy Wiseau & Greg Sestero

After a fabulous Brazlian steakhouse dinner courtesy of Vertigo/DC (and editor Will Dennis), Barb, Abby, Nate and I saw Patton Oswalt at the House of Blues. Almost all new material, and plenty of off-the-top-of-his-head comic con commentary (Patton is a longtime comics fan who I met briefly several years ago). He is my favorite comedian — Barb and Nate, too. Abby is a new recruit in the Oswalt Army. A long, brilliant show.


Comic Con Update #2

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

The dealer’s hall floor still overwhelms me — I haven’t yet walked the whole thing. But I continue to find things to buy, like the latest ON STAGE collection and several half-price Jack Kirby hardcovers. Lunch today with Ken Levin, my comics agent and Hollywood guy, exploring possibilities for Mike Hammer on TV and various comic book projects. The vampire detective meeting went very well, and I spoke with several other editors, including Ed Schlessinger, my old CSI editor, about possible new projects.

Most fun moment was spending time with the Riff Trax boys, Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett. I’ve gotten to know them in recent years and I always look forward to seeing them again — they are nice, down-to-earth guys and as funny in person as on TV. Nate and I love the Riff Trax crew — both their commentaries on new movies but also their collections of “classic” shorts with their MSTK riffs.

RiffTrax & MAC @ Comic Con 2010

Nate is very envious of my spotting Simon Pegg and Nick Frost of HOT FUZZ and SHAUN OF THE DEAD fame. They were very nice, absolutely regular blokes, and we spoke for five or ten minutes, in part about Simon’s Scotty role in STAR TREK. I admitted never having driven into Riverside, Iowa (future birthplace of Captain Kirk) despite it being (a) about 25 miles from my house and (b) having played with Crusin’ at the Riverside casino several times.

Also did an IDW panel about adapting TV and movies into comics (my connection being the CSI graphic novels). A good panel with reps from Dr. Who, Star Trek and True Blood. Not well-attended, though. The big Hollywood panels really swamp the actual comics panels. That’s part of the changing face of comic con that I am not wild about.


Comic Con Update #1

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Preview night at the con was predictably wild. I ran into several good pals — including Seduction of the Innocent compadre Chris Christensen and my ASIAN CULT CINEMA cohort Ric Meyers. Disappointingly, bookseller Bud Plant has cut his booth space by about 75% — this was annually the best place at the con to buy comic art and pop culture books, and now he is offering a much smaller (but still wonderful) selection. I have set up a meeting with an editor from Del Rey to discuss a vampire PI project, and saw my Del Rey GI JOE editor, who indicates more JOE projects may be in the offing. The show has changed — it is multi-media, trade show hucksterism at its best and worst. Nate and his friend Abby spent half an hour talking to the great Stan Sakai. Tomorrow I have a panel at 4, and a couple of other business meetings, plus hope to be able to stop by the Riff Trax signing to say hello to my buddies Mike, Kevin and Bill.