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Release: December 6, 2022
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True Crime detective Nathan Heller returns in a brand new case that connects a millionaire’s kidnapped child to Robert F. Kennedy’s campaign to bring down union boss Jimmy Hoffa.

Nathan Heller, star of MWA Grandmaster Max Allan Collins’ most acclaimed series of novels (more than 1 million copies sold to date!), comes to Hard Case Crime for the first time in an all-new thriller drawn from the pages of history. A millionaire’s son is kidnapped and private eye Heller is called in to help. But when half of the record $600,000 ransom goes missing, Heller must wade through a morass of deception and depravity to blow the lid off a notorious crime whose consequences reach into the corridors of power in Washington D.C., where Bobby Kennedy works tirelessly to take down crooked union boss Jimmy Hoffa…


Publishers Weekly: Starred review. “Superb ... Collins again artfully uses a real-life crime, one now obscure but headline-making in the 1950s, as the springboard for a crackerjack plot. This is another standout in a consistently good series.”

Deadly Pleasures: “One of the finest historical crime novel series being published today” (Rating: A)

Mystery Scene: “The author’s crisp writing and canny plotting, supplemented by his thorough and revealing research, are on ample display from start to finish. It’s an impressive piece of work, especially when you consider that this MWA Grandmaster, who has been at it for close to half a century now, doesn’t falter once.”

Pop Culture Squad: “After reading a novel like this, my pal Mike Gold used to always make the joke ‘If you only read one Max Allan Collins novel this month, make it this one.’ The gag still holds up and it’s truer than ever.”


Forbidden Planet TV interview on Jan. 20, 2023.


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