After the Dark Title: Dark Angel: After the Dark
Release: June 2003
ISBN: 0-345-45184-8
Publisher: Del Rey


In a chaotic world where the lines between good and evil often blur, and violent anarchy and brutal repression become commonplace, secrets can be deadly.  So when Max discovers a shattering truth that Logan has kept concealed from her for years, the betrayal threatens the very essence of their trust.

Yet when Logan is kidnapped, all questions of truth and loyalty are cast aside.  Max's search will lead her to a familiar, menacing enemy--and back into the shadow of the Breeding Cult, which waits for her with chilling anticipation.

But the search will also lead her into wholly unexpected territory.  Locked in the fight of her life, Max will discover a captive of the cult who can provide her with the one thing that has haunted her ever since she escaped from Manticore. . . .


American Edition
Del Rey Edition

Japanese Edition
Japanese Edition
The Final Battle


Chapter One from Del Rey Online

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