Skin Game Title: Dark Angel: Skin Game
Release: February 2003
ISBN: 0-345-45183-X
Publisher: Del Rey


Someone is killing normal humans in the fog-enshrouded city of Seattle.  The murders are brutal and grisly, but inside Termanal City they barely cause a ripple of concern.  The transgenics who live there have problems of their own.  In an area under siege by the oppresive arm of the police, the transgenics must protect their fledgling colony against the ouside world--a world that eyes them with contempt and suspicion . . . and will do anything to be rid of them.

As the killings escalate, Joshua comes to Max with a dire suspicion: the killer may be one of their own.  Tensions are high between normal humans and transgenics, and many inside the protected City would just as soon let the humans fend for themselves.  Yet Max and her inner circle know they must investigate the crimes and stop the bloodshed.  Doing nothing would simply give the normals more reasons to hate.

But what they discover will shock even the most jaded among them--and expose a sinister agenda that leads to an old, nefarious foe. . . .


Excerpt from Del Rey Online

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