Fangoria Dreadtime Stories: Wolf Title: Fangoria's Dreadtime Stories: Wolf
Release: January 2, 2012


At rustic Wagon Wheel Lodge, a vicious killer has struck, but while the police seek a man, the real predator is a werewolf. Jack Wolff has feasted upon the flesh of women for decades. Jack is a smooth, handsome charmer living off inherited money, moving from one hunting ground to another as he takes victim after victim.

At the lodge, his prey is a lovely, underage teenage girl with abusive parents. Jack plays the savior, while he has something far darker in mind…. Will the lecherous wolf strike again with his usual impunity? Or is an unknown adversary waiting in the darkness?

Hosted by Malcolm McDowell and commissioned by Fangoria - America's #1 source for horror - this original short story is fully dramatized to thrill and chill you!


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