Once Upon a Crime: An Anthology of Murder, Mayhem, and Suspense Title: Once Upon a Crime: An Anthology of Murder, Mayhem, and Suspense
Release: August 27, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-9324-7285-1
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Once Upon a Crime delivers the deadly best of your favorite mystery & suspense authors and few new names on the rise. These twenty-four stories are guaranteed to lock your mind, your spine and your trigger finger into the action on the page and keep you reading between the lines.

Dive into a world where the color of justice is a shade of gray, where revenge is a dish best served stewed and where every good bad guy (and gal) gets their 15 minutes of infamy.

A side-note to murder, mayhem and suspense:

Once Upon a Crime is a group of stories collected and presented as a tribute to Pat Frovarp and Gary Shulze of Once Upon a Crime Bookstore in Minneapolis and booksellers & librarians everywhere.

When Gary began treatment for leukemia, the community of authors they support banded together to highlight the incredible and irreplaceable contribution they’ve made to the lives of readers and authors in their community and around the nation.

Proceeds benefit the Memorial Blood Bank.

Once Upon a Crime includes:

"Flyover Country" by Max Allan Collins & Barbara Collins
"Perfectly Grimm" by C.J. Box
"Merrick" by Ken Bruen
"Last Laugh" by David Housewright
"An Issue of Women and Money" by Michael Stanley
"Dumber than Dirt" by Libby Fischer Hellmann
"Snow Birds" by Gary Phillips
"Pink" by Maureen Fischer
"Santa’s Little Helper" by Anne Fraser
"The 17th Rule of Highly Effective Bank Robbers" by Troy Cook
"Puck" by Pat Dennis
"Why I Write Mysteries by Gordon Matthews" by Pete Hautman
"Eddie’s Dungeon" by Chris Everheart
"Contender" by William Kent Krueger
"Den of Iniquity" by Lori L. Lake
"You Can Be Too Thin" by Gary R. Bush
"Jibber Jabber" by Reed Farrel Coleman
"The Surrogate" by Anthony Neil Smith
"Cat’s Meow" by Mary Logue
"Uninvolved" by Lois Greiman
"Rage Against the Machines" by Terri Persons
"Live Bait" by Sujata Massey
"Dumb Luck" by Marilyn Victor
"I Seen That" by S.J. Rozan
and an introduction by Vince Flynn



[On "Flyover Country"] Barb Goffman, Short Story 365: "A Manhattan book editor has flight trouble and ends up with a night-long layover in Iowa. She’s crabby and lets folks know it. To her surprise, everyone in Iowa ends up being super nice, and they bring out the best in Miss Snooty — so much that she turns into Miss Nice and decides to ditch her big-city life and move to Iowa. Does she have her happily ever after? I’ll let you see for yourself, but here’s a clue: this story is in a crime anthology. Recommended."

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