Road to Paradise Title: Road to Paradise
Release: December, 2005
ISBN: 0-06-054028-1
Publisher: William Morrow


Lake Tahoe, 1973. Michael Satariano, who as a young man fought the Capone mob in Chicago, has reached middle age. Now running a casino for the mob, Michael has put his killing days behind him. When Godfather Sam Giancana orders him to hit a notoriously violent and vulnerable mobster, Michael refuses. But the hit goes down anyway with Michael framed for the murder. To save his family he agrees to turn state's evidence under the fledgling Witness Protection Program.

Relocated to the supposed safety of a tract housing development in Paradise, AZ, Michael finds himself facing a wrath so cruel that even a seasoned fighter like he isn't prepared. With his 16-year-old daughter in tow, Michael must return to the road, and a violent life he thought was long behind him. Will his lifelong struggle for redemption again turn into a quest for revenge?


Insert art from the Ukraine edition:

Road to Paradise

Road to Paradise

Review from Publisher's Weekly

Review from CrimeSpace: This (for now) concluding episode in the "Road" saga is a heck of a read and packs the usual Collins punch"

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