Road to Purgatory, Brash Books Title: Road to Purgatory
Release: December, 2004; Brash Books Edition February 1, 2017
2017 Paperback:
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From Max Allan Collins, 2017 Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Honoree for a Lifetime of Excellence in Mystery Writing comes the brilliant sequel to Road to Perdition, his masterpiece of crime fiction that became both a literary and cinematic classic.

Twenty-two year-old Michael O’Sullivan returns from the second World War with a medal of honor, a glass eye, and the violent skills necessary to avenge his family, who were gunned down by the Chicago mob when he was a child. O’Sullivan becomes mobster Frank Nitti’s trusted chauffer…and an undercover operative for federal agent Eliot Ness…but even as he seeks revenge, he finds himself being seduced by the criminal underworld that he loathes.

Purgatory succeeds in putting us inside the head of an honorable man descending into a hell of his own creation.”
Entertainment Weekly

“An explosive, action-packed blockbuster, destined to rank right up there with The Godfather series when all is said and done.”
Detroit Free Press

“Smooth and imaginative.”
Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“No one can twist through a maze with the intensity and suspense of Max Allan Collins”
— Clive Cussler

“Nobody writes about war era crime in Chicago as well as Collins... A delight for fans...and newcomers.”
Chicago Sun Times


Road to Purgatory
2004 Hardcover Edition
Road to Purgatory Paperback
2005 Paperback Edition


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