Saving Private Ryan Title: Saving Private Ryan
Release: August 1998
ISBN: 0-451-19727-5
Publisher: Signet


June 6, 1944.  Military Forces converge on the beaches of Normandy for one of the most decisive battles of World War II.  America would call it a victory.  History would call it D-Day.

ut for Captain John Miller and his squad of young soldiers, this fateful day would become something much more.  Washington has sent them on a personal mission to save one life.  One paratrooper missing in action.  One soldier who has already lost three brothers in the war.  Captain Miller and his men quickly realize this is not a simple rescue operation.  It is a test of their honor and their duty.  Their sole obsession -- and their last hope for redemption.

In a war of devastating proportions, saving one life could make all the difference in the world. . . .


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