You Can't Stop Me Title: You Can't Stop Me
Release: March 2, 2010
ISBN: 978-0-7860-2134-5
Publisher: Kensington Books


Smalltown sheriff J.C. Harrow made headlines when he apprehended a would-be presidential assassin—only to come home that night and find his wife and son brutally murdered. This tragic twist of fate launched his career as the host of reality TV's smash-hit, Crime Seen! But while media star Harrow tracks down dangerous criminals coast to coast—with the help of viewers' tips—a killer with a twisted agenda is making his own bloody path to fame. . .

As the trail of violence draws closer, Harrow goes off script in a manhunt for the psycho who slaughtered his family. The cameras are rolling. And all of America is watching—including a serial killer with a very specific target audience. . .



Crimespree: "I did not move from my chair till I was done."

Pulp Fiction Reviews: "moves like a semi down a mountain road with the brakes burned out"

The Mystery Gazette: "a terrific cat and mouse thriller"

Bill Crider's Pop Culture Magazine: "Maybe the title should have been You Can't Stop Reading because this one's hard to put down."

Reader Musings: "starts out with a bang and does not slow down."

Bookreporter: "Collins and Clemens have a winner here."

Not The Baseball Pitcher: On the JC Harrow series so far: "Two fine novels from folks I’ve learned to trust."

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