Author of following books:


BAIT MONEY (Curtis Books, 1973; revised American edition, Pinnacle, 1981). Nolan.

BLOOD MONEY (Curtis Books, 1973; revised American edition: Pinnacle, 1981).  Nolan.

THE BROKER (Berkley Books, 1976); reprinted as QUARRY (Foul Play Press, >1986).  Quarry.

THE BROKER'S WIFE (Berkley Books, 1976); reprinted as QUARRY'S LIST (Foul >Play Press, 1986).  Quarry.

THE DEALER (Berkley Books, 1976); reprinted as QUARRY'S DEAL, 1986).  Quarry.

THE SLASHER (Berkley Books, 1977); reprinted as QUARRY'S CUT, 1986).  Quarry.

FLY PAPER (Pinnacle, 1981).  Nolan.

HUSH MONEY (Pinnacle, 1981).  Nolan.

HARD CASH (Pinnacle, 1981).  Nolan.

SCRATCH FEVER (Pinnacle, 1982).  Nolan.

THE BABY BLUE RIP-OFF (Walker, 1983; Mystery Guild). TOR reprint.  Mallory.

NO CURE FOR DEATH (Walker, 1983). TOR reprint.  Mallory.

TRUE DETECTIVE (St. Martin's Press, 1983). TOR reprint.  Nate Heller.

KILL YOUR DARLINGS (Walker, 1984). TOR reprint.  Mallory.

TRUE CRIME (St. Martin's Press, 1984). TOR reprint.  Nate Heller.

A SHROUD FOR AQUARIUS (Walker, 1985). TOR reprint.  Mallory.

THE MILLION-DOLLAR WOUND (St. Martin's Press, 1986). TOR reprint.  Nate Heller.

NICE WEEKEND FOR A MURDER (Walker, 1986). TOR reprint.  Mallory.

MIDNIGHT HAUL (Foul Play Press, 1986). Paperjacks reprint.  Non-series.

PRIMARY TARGET (Foul Play Press, 1987). Paperjacks reprint.  Quarry.

SPREE (Tor Books, 1987). TOR reprint.  Nolan.

THE DARK CITY (Bantam Books, 1987).  Eliot Ness.

NEON MIRAGE (St. Martin's Press, 1988). Bantam reprint.  Nate Heller.

BUTCHER'S DOZEN (St. Martin's Press, 1988).  Eliot Ness.

BULLET PROOF (Bantam Books, 1989).  Eliot Ness.

DICK TRACY (Bantam, 1990 - novelization of film).  Dick Tracy.

DICK TRACY GOES TO WAR (Bantam, 1991).  Dick Tracy.


DICK TRACY MEETS HIS MATCH (Bantam, 1992).  Dick Tracy.

PROTECT AND DEFEND (Doubleday, 1992 - "editorial consultant" for Jack Valenti)

MURDER BY THE NUMBERS (St. Martin's Press, 1993).  Eliot Ness.

IN THE LINE OF FIRE (Jove, 1993 - movie tie-in)

CARNAL HOURS (Dutton, 1994). Signet reprint.  Nate Heller.

MAVERICK (Signet, 1994 - movie tie-in).

I LOVE TROUBLE (by "Peter Brackett"; Signet, 1994 - movie tie-in).

BLOOD AND THUNDER (Dutton, 1995).  Signet reprint.  Nate Heller.

WATERWORLD (Boulevard, 1995 - movie tie-in).

WATERWORLD (Young Adult version; Boulevard, 1995 - movie tie-in).


DAMNED IN PARADISE (Dutton, 1996).  Signet reprint.  Nate Heller.

DAYLIGHT (Boulevard, 1996 - movie tie-in).

AIR FORCE ONE (Boulevard, 1997 - movie tie-in).

NYPD BLUE: BLUE BLOOD (Signet, 1997).

MOMMY (Leisure Books, 1997 - from his film of same name).

U.S. MARSHALS (Berkley Boulevard, 1998 - movie tie-in).

MOMMY'S DAY (Leisure Books, 1998 - from his film of same name).

SAVING PRIVATE RYAN (Signet Books, 1998 - movie tie-in).

FLYING BLIND (Dutton, 1998).  Signet reprint.  Nate Heller.

ROAD TO PERDITION (Paradox Press, 1998 - graphic novel) illustrated by Richard Piers Raynor.

THE TITANIC MURDERS (Berkley Prime Crime, 1999). "Disaster" series:   Jacques Futrelle.

THE MUMMY (Berkley Boulevard, 1999 - movie tie-in).

MAJIC MAN (Dutton, 1999).  Signet reprint.  Nate Heller.

REGENERATION (Leisure Books, 1999) with Barbara Collins.

MOURN THE LIVING (Five Star, 1999).  Nolan (first publication of previously serialized first Nolan novel from 1969).

THE HINDENBURG MURDERS (Berkley Prime Crime, 2000).  Disaster series: Leslie Charteris.

U-571 (Avon, 2000 - movie tie-in).

ANGEL IN BLACK (NAL, 2001).  Nate Heller.

THE PEARL HARBOR MURDERS (Berkley Prime Crime, 2001). Disaster series: Edgar Rice Burroughs.

THE MUMMY RETURNS (Berkley Boulevard, 2001 - movie tie-in).

Numerous foreign editions of the above: England, France, Japan, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Italy.

Produced Screenplays:

THE EXPERT (1995).

MOMMY (1995). Also directed.

MOMMY'S DAY (1997).  Also directed.

MIKE HAMMER'S MICKEY SPILLANE (1999). Also directed; documentary.


Short story collections:

DYING IN THE POST-WAR WORLD (Foul Play Press, 1991).  Nate Heller.

KISSES OF DEATH (Crippen and Landru, 2001).  Nate Heller.

MURDER HIS AND HERS (Five Star, 2001) with Barbara Collins.


Critical/biographical works:

JIM THOMPSON: THE KILLERS INSIDE HIM (Fedora Press, 1983; with Ed Gorman).

ONE LONELY KNIGHT: MICKEY SPILLANE'S MIKE HAMMER (Popular Press, 1984; with James L. Traylor).

THE BEST OF CRIME AND DETECTIVE TV (Harmony Books, 1988; with John Javna).

ELVGREN: HIS LIFE AND ART (Collectors Press, 1998) with Drake Elvgren


Also numerous introductions and monographs about pin-up artists for Collectors Press, including the Artist Archives series.

Comic strip collections:

DICK TRACY MEETS ANGELTOP (Ace Tempo, 1980; comic with artist Rick Fletcher).

DICK TRACY MEETS THE PUNKS (Ace Tempo, 1980; with Fletcher).

THE FILES OF MS. TREE Volume One (Renegade Press, 1984, with artist Terry Beatty).

THE FILES OF MS. TREE Volume Two (Renegade Press, 1985, with Beatty).

THE FILES OF MS. TREE Volume Three (Renegade Press, 1986, with Beatty).

MS. TREE (PaperJacks, 1988, with Beatty).

DICK TRACY AND THE NIGHTMARE MACHINE (TOR, 1991; with artist Dick Locher).


TOMORROW I DIE (Mysterious Press, 1985; collection of Mickey Spillane short fiction.

MIKE HAMMER: THE COMIC STRIP (two volumes; Ken Pierce, Inc.).

DICK TRACY - THE SECRET FILES (TOR, 1990 - anthology of original short stories; co-edited by Martin Greenberg).

THE DICK TRACY CASEBOOK (St. Martin's, 1990 - anthology of comic-strip stories; co-edited by Dick Locher).

DICK TRACY'S FIENDISH FOES (St. Martin's 1991 - anthology of comic-strip stories; co-edited by Locher).

MURDER IS MY BUSINESS (co-edited with Mickey Spillane; Dutton, 1994).

VENGEANCE IS HERS (co-edited with Mickey Spillane; Signet, 1997).

PRIVATE EYES (co-edited with Mickey Spillane; Signet, 1998).

TOO MANY TOMCATS (Five Star, 2000) -- collection of Barbara Collins short stories with M.A.C. intro.

Writer/co-creator of MS. TREE comic book (since 1981), most recently published by DC Comics.

Writer/co-creator of WILD DOG comic-book character for DC Comics.

Writer (1987-'88) of monthly BATMAN comic book published by DC Comics.

Developed concept of, and wrote first continuity for, new BATMAN syndicated comic strip (1989-'90).

BATMAN story "Love Birds" (1987) selected for THE GREATEST BATMAN STORIES EVER TOLD Vol. 2 (Warners, 1992).

SCAR OF THE BAT "Batman" graphic novel published 1995.

Writer/co-creator MICKEY SPILLANE'S MIKE DANGER comic book (1995-1997, Big Entertainment).

Movie review columnist for Asian Cult Cinema, 1996 to date.

Movie review columnist for Mystery Scene magazine, 1985 to 1994.

Columnist on comic strips for the national magazine Comics Feature (1984-'85).

Contributer to national magazines including Armchair Detective ("Dat's Mike Ham-muh?" - film criticism), Mystery Magazine ("Mike Mist," minute mystery comic strip), Video Action ("Trenchcoat Video" - cataloguing/reviewing of detective films available on prerecorded video cassette), All About Beer ("Mecca Spillane," profile).

Contributer to various scholarly works on mystery/detective fiction, including 1OO1 MIDNIGHTS (Pronzini and Muller, editors; 1986); TWENTIETH CENTURY CRIME AND MYSTERY WRITERS (John M. Reilly, second edition, 1985); and MURDER OFF THE RACK: CRITICAL STUDIES OF TEN PAPERBACK MASTERS (Breen and Greenberg, editors; 1989).

Author of numerous short stories which have appeared in anthologies and national magazines, including THE EYES HAVE IT (1984, Mysterious Press); MEAN STREETS (Mysterious Press, 1986); AN EYE FOR JUSTICE (Mysterious Press, 1988); THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF PRIVATE EYE STORIES (Carroll & Graf, 1988); THE BLACK LIZARD ANTHOLOGY OF CRIME FICTION (Black Lizard, 1987); RAYMOND CHANDLER'S PHILIP MARLOWE (Knopf, 1988); THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF BATMAN (Bantam, 1989); CAT CRIMES III (Donald F. Fine, 1992); DEADLY ALLIES (Doubleday, 1992); THE YEAR'S BEST MYSTERY AND SUSPENSE STORIES (Walker, 1992); FRANKENSTEIN: THE MONSTER WAKES (Daw, 1993); MURDER FOR FATHER (Dutton, 1994); SHOCK ROCK II (Pocket Books, 1994); DEADLY ALLIES II (Bantam, 1994); FEAR ITSELF (Warner, 1995); BLUE MOTEL (White Wolf, 1994); VAMPIRE DETECTIVES (DAW, 1995; WEREWOLVES (DAW, 1995); CELEBRITY VAMPIRES (DAW, 1995); DANTE'S DISCIPLES (Borealis, 1995); WHITE HOUSE HORRORS (DAW, 1996); SHADES OF NOIR BOOKS ONE and TWO (Archon Gaming, 1997).

Has written introductions for books, including THREE CORPSE PARLAY: FREDRIC BROWN IN THE DETECTIVE PULPS (Dennis MacMillan Publications, 1988); THE SILENT INVASION, BOOK TWO: RED SHADOWS, Michael Cherkas and Larry Hancock (NBM, 1989); HEADED FOR A HEARSE, Jonathan Latimer (reprint of 1935 novel; International Polygonics, Ltd., 1990); LI'L ABNER: DAILIES 1944, Al Capp (Kitchen Sink Press, 199O); FEARLESS FOSDICK, Al Capp (Kitchen Sink Press, 1990); COTTON WOOD, Ray Gotto (Kitchen Sink Press, 1991); THE BATMAN ARCHIVES, Bob Kane (DC Comics, 1991).

Songwriter with material on nationally released records, including seven songs on the CD/cassette release "Bullets!" by Crusin' on Beat Brothers Records (Los Angeles, California; 1991).  A recent CD compilation of material including demos and movie songs, "Thirty Year Plan," is also available from Beat Brothers Records.

Author (or co-author) of trading card sets: G-MEN AND GANGSTERS (with George Hagenauer, Eclipse Enterprises, 1992); POCKET PIN-UPS (Kitchen Sink Press, 1993); CHICAGO MOB WARS - ELIOT NESS VS. AL CAPONE (Kitchen Sink Press, 1993); PAINTED LADIES (Kitchen Sink Press, 1993); DIGEST DOLLS (Kitchen Sink Press, 1993).

Biographies/critical appraisals appear in CONTEMPORARY AUTHORS (Volume 103, Gale); 20th CENTURY CRIME AND MYSTERY WRITERS (Second Edition, St. Martin's Press); PRIVATE EYES - 1O1 KNIGHTS (Bowling Green State University Popular Press, 1985) and 1001 MIDNIGHTS (1986, Arbor House). Also subject of biographical article in DICK TRACY: AMERICA'S MOST FAMOUS DETECTIVE (Bill Crouch, Jr.; Citadel Press, 1987).

Subject of an entire issue of French publication Les Cahiers De L'Imaginaire (December 1990), whose previous subjects have included J.R.R.  Tolkien, Conan Doyle, and H. Rider Haggard.

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