Seduction of the Innocent on Shelves Now!

February 19th, 2013 by Nathan Collins

Seduction of the Innocent hits bookshelves real and virtual today. If you already pre-ordered your copy, take this reminder to go pick it up, or alternatively, to call in sick and wait by the mailbox, and skip on down to the regularly scheduled update from Al below. And if you haven’t (for shame!), this is for you…

Part noir, part pulp, and part comic book, Seduction is a detective thriller a la Rex Stout and inspired by the real-life 1950s witch-hunt against Tales From the Crypt publisher EC Comics. With an insider’s view of the history of comics, more than a dozen brand new illustrations in the classic EC style by comic book legend Terry Beatty, and a killer, Hard Case Crime-worthy cover by the great Glen Orbik, Seduction of the Innocent is not to be missed. But maybe I’m biased, so for you jaded Internet-savvy readers out there, here’s what everyone else has to say:

“Truly a breath of fresh air.”—Ron Fortier

“Thoroughly entertaining…Be on the lookout; you don’t want to miss it.”—Bill Crider

“Superior storytelling”—Ed Gorman

“A wonderful, fun, frothy mix of genres… a fast, exciting read, well worth carting along for moments-between or sitting down with for some self-indulgent reading.”—The Geek Girl Project

“Permeated with a sense of, well, joy. Murderous, sexpot, hard-drinking, gun-totin’ scandelous joy.”—pornokitcsh

“Ingenious…great fun, whether or not you are an aficionado of the comics of that era.”—Crime Time

“A must read for crime and comic fans alike.”—MysteryPeople

Seduction of the Innocent is marked by careful plotting, sharp dialog, and a mastery of genre conventions…”—Nerds of a Feather

“Everything I like in one handsome little package”—Books and Writers

Convinced? Buy Seduction of the Innocent today!

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6 Responses to “Seduction of the Innocent on Shelves Now!”

  1. Joe Menta says:

    Is the Terry Beatty art in the e-book edition, too?

  2. Nathan Collins says:

    Thanks for asking that question; I wish I’d thought to check. I downloaded the sample to my Kindle (there’s a button on the right hand side of the store page that will send the sample straight to your Kindle) and it DOES have Terry’s art. I don’t have a Nook to check that version, but there’s a similar way to download a sample on the B&N site. I’m not sure if the iTunes version has a sample, but I do think that if the Kindle version has images, the others should be safe too.

  3. Spike says:

    I have a friend who’s in his late 70’s who was born in Brooklyn
    and as young man in the 50’s and 60’s knew a few of the lesser
    Mafia guys in NY. He’s Jewish, like Heller, and was never taken
    seriously by the wise guys, but he saw a lot of stuff. They let
    him run errands and do minor illegal stuff for them. He says none
    of them were very bright and most were very paranoid and they
    didn’t trust anybody for very long. He had to get away from them
    in the late 60’s, and by the mid 70’s a lot of them were dead.

    My friend loves the mob realism in many of your books, he says
    its pretty much the way things were. What my friend was doing
    with those guys is a mystery, he has a genius IQ and had an
    engineering degree. It was exciting, I guess, the Mob guys were
    always up to something.

  4. Spike says:

    I just started reading Road to Paradise, finally. I’m 1/3
    of the way into it and I see you’ve set up a reason for
    Michael to kill Sam Giancana.

    I’ve been a huge Sinatra fan for 20 years and have a
    couple dozen books about him. That jerk Giancana is
    a very real person to me, its odd reading a book of
    fiction where we might find out who killed him. I know
    very well how he died, and they never caught the killer.

    Maybe you don’t resolve it, but why would you set up
    such a great motive. Mooney deserved whatever happend
    to him, why not thru Michael Satriano.. I guess I’ll find
    out soon enough.

  5. Andrew Collins says:

    Sat down to read SOTI today and devoured it all in one setting. Absolutely LOVED it! The adventures of Jack and Maggie have been a joy to read and my only letdowns were 1.) That the story had to end and 2.) Your comment in the epilogue about this being the last of the trilogy. I hope you return to them someday as these 3 books have been second only to Ms. Tree as my favorite of your works. Maybe you can tell the tale of the Hollywood adventure you slyly referenced in “Strip For Murder”?

  6. So far the reaction to SEDUCTION has been terrific — if sales reflect that, I will do a few more Jack and Maggie novels. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I had shelved a Heller (by way of an outline and prelim research) on George Reeves’ death when the film HOLLYWOODLAND came out. I think enough time has passed to consider dusting that off — and Maggie would be in Hollywood filming the Tall Paul movie at the time. I also want to do one about a cartoonist who uses a boatland of assistants who don’t know about each other.

    Spike, I’m think you’ll like Giancana’s fate as depicted in PARADISE. Glad to hear somebody who knows the Mob finds my stuff on the money.