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Collect ‘Em All, Kids!

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Last week, Amazon offered for sale the new Thomas & Mercer trade paperbacks (and corresponding e-books) of fourteen of my novels, including two by Barb and myself appearing for the first time under our “Barbara Allan” byline (REGENERATION, BOMBSHELL).

These are outstanding packages, with outstanding covers, really just beautiful. I’m thrilled that these novels – all out of print, some out of print for years – are available again. It’s any author’s dream to have his or her work perpetually available, and one positive aspect of the changing world of publishing is that that dream has come true for many writers, myself included.

The five Mallory novels and the six “disaster” mysteries make up the bulk of the list, with the Barbara Allan titles and the standalone eco-thriller MIDNIGHT HAUL rounding it out. Virtually everything of mine is in print now – Perfect Crime has the Nolan and Quarry series, and Speaking Volumes has Eliot Ness.

The new Thomas & Mercer titles are priced very reasonably, and look for great promo deals from Amazon after the first of the year. I have done interviews on both Mallory and the disaster books, and Barb and I did a “Barbara Allan” interview, and I’ll let you know when and where those are going to show up. [Note from Nate: Click each cover for links to purchase Kindle, trade paperback, and audiobook editions at Amazon, major booksellers, as well as local independent booksellers via Indiebound]

Barb and I appeared at Centuries & Sleuths in Forest Park, Illinois, on Sunday. This was a great event – lots of fans, plus we were generously made a part of the Midwest chapter of the Mystery Writers of America’s Christmas party. In fact, my Q and A was the entertainment. It was a treat seeing so many wonderful writers, particularly my friends Bob Goldsborough and Raymond Benson, who are with me in the very small club of writers being chosen to continue great series (Nero Wolfe, James Bond and Mike Hammer respectively). Centuries & Sleuths, with its history and mystery theme, is one cool bookstore. The book tour has one last stop, in nearby Davenport’s BAM! on Dec. 22.

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy, be prepared for books, comic books, video games, rap music, movies, and other popular culture to be served up as a safe, convenient scapegoat. This is a very old, sour tune that our society just can’t get enough of – just like it can’t get enough of violent entertainment. Personally, I would like to see the assault rifle ban reinstated, and a campaign of education to advise people of the risks taken by owning a hand gun in a home where mentally disturbed and/or depressed people live. If you have a troubled loner son, maybe taking him to the shooting range to “learn responsibility” isn’t such a great idea.

The second of three installments of Dan Luft’s in-depth look at the Nolan series has just appeared. Smart stuff.

Take a look at this incredible TARGET LANCER review.

And speaking of censoring pop culture, here’s another nice advance review of SEDUCTION OF THE INNOCENT.


San Diego Comic-Con Day Three

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

This was Barb’s only day at the con, and she did very well, appearing on the crime/mystery panel with me (and seven other mystery writers, including such good pals as Gary Phillips and Jeff Marriote). A really good panel, despite 10 participants (including the moderator, Maryelizabeth Hart. Concise, smart answers, and good questions from the audience, too.

An autographing sessions followed, with a nice turnout. Also fun to meet and greet readers, and an Australian fan told us he was in the middle of our thriller REGENERATION, and loving it (as Maxwell Smart would say).

We also had the Scribe awards, which was a panel largely focusing on Peter David, our recipient of the Grand Master “Faust” award. Peter was lively, opinionated and funny, and that’s just on the first answer. We were joined by Scribe winners Nathan Long and Nancy Holder (whose BUFFY fans were in evidence). Despite not having many of the nominees present, we had what may have been our best panel, thanks largely to Peter, whose popularity got us a filled room.

Nathan and his girl friend Abby and Barb and I visited the South Park exhibit across the street from the convention center, and that was a blast — a great art show mingling material from the show itself and interpretations of the great characters by various gifted, quirky artists. I may not have mentioned it here before, but SOUTH PARK is probably my favorite current series (and has been for as long as it’s been on the air) (rivaled only by CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM — no sign of Larry David at the con).


2011 Scribe Winners

Grandmaster Award– the Faust: Peter David



THE WOLFMAN by Jonathan Maberry