Kill Me If You Can

Kill Me If You Can

Mike Hammer hits his 75th anniversary hard, after the disappearance of Velda, in this brand new case between Kiss Me, Deadly and The Girl Hunters, based on an unproduced screenplay from Mickey Spillane’s archives.

Mike Hammer is on the case, this time hunting the murderer of his old friend and bootlegger-turned-legit-businessman Edward G. Robinson. Already torn up by the disappearance of Velda, his beloved secretary, Mike Hammer carves a brutal path for vengeance. Drinking heavily, his relationships fraying, his behaviour self-desctructive, Hammer has to track down Robinson’s black book, with the names of every corrupt official in town. With deception everywhere, and a whole host of reasons to want the ledger, Hammer has to pull himself together and solve the case before all hell breaks loose.

Celebrating the 75th anniversary of Mike Hammer, and including five brand new short stories, read the lost story of Velda's disappearance after Kiss Me, Deadly. A thrilling ride for fans new and old.

Stand Up and Die!

Stand Up and Die!

All of Spillane’s classic ingredients—betrayal, sex, gangsters, and, of course, revenge—are in one place for the first time and told in his trademark muscular prose.

Readers familiar with Spillane will revel in the purity of these granite-hard crime stories that provide everything they expect and more from their favorite author. Those new to the works of the biggest selling mystery writer of the 20th century will discover Spillane’s one-of-a-kind world of killers, femme fatales, and heroes more dangerous than meat-hook-wielding psychopaths…

A total of ten of Spillane’s rarest adventures are included in this collection, so be sure to put it at the top of your must-read list!

Often imitated, never equaled, Mickey Spillane and his creations are always unique and exciting. A true delight for crime fiction fans, this edition is sure to become a collector’s item.

The Shrinking Island

The Shrinking Island

An exciting trio of classic boy's adventures from a recognized Grand Master in the mystery genre-Mickey Spillane.

In The Day the Sea Rolled Back, an inexplicable freak of nature rolls the sea back from the shores of the Caribbean Island of Peolle and allows Larry and Josh to search for the wreck of the Nantucket Belle and its supposed hoard of Spanish treasure. But-unbeknownst to them-the boys are closely tracked by a pair of local fishermen who mean to take the treasure for themselves.

During The Ship That Never Was, Larry and Josh task themselves with rescuing an ancient sailor adrift in a mysterious longboat and find themselves involved in finding a lost island and restoring a missing heir to the throne of a kingdom.

In The Shrinking Island, Larry and Josh embark on their most exciting adventure yet when they find themselves up against dangerous storms, a missing Spanish galleon, a gang of greedy salvage hunters, and a disappearing Island in a race against time to save the sacred land of their friend's ancestors...

Mickey Spillane is considered one of the greatest writers of the 20th Century for not only creating Mike Hammer-the toughest private eye of all time-but for many other hardboiled novels that turned a generation of well-mannered mysteries on their head. In this collection, the adventures of Larry and Josh will thrill those seeking adventure...

The Menace

The Menace


In touristy Peachtree Heights, Georgia, a string of presumably accidental deaths of area physicians rouses the suspicions of Police Chief Blake Cutter. But the former big-city cop's attempts to warn Dr. Roy Ryan are viewed by his estranged wife as an attempt to muddy the waters of a custody battle over the couple's young son, Richie.

Too late to do anything more, a small, incredibly powerful creature emerges from the night to brave the walls of the doctor's compound, terrorizing the family and any and all police guarding them. The menace is suddenly real, and those physicians' deaths are anything but accidental.

And when young Richie's archeologist uncle gives the boy a grisly birthday present-an actual Aztec mummy!-the child begins to think the long-dead corpse is his friend, one who is still-breathing ...

Mickey Spillane was a best-selling mystery and crime novelist of the 20th Century, and this novel is typical of his storytelling speed and the shocking surprises only he could deliver.

I, The Jury 3D Blu-Ray

I, the Jury (Special Limited Edition, 4K UHD/BD/3DBD Combo)

Mickey Spillane’s two-fisted private detective Mike Hammer makes his film debut in I, The Jury, now available in stunning 4K UHD, Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray in this special limited edition from ClassicFlix.

After his best friend and war buddy is mysteriously gunned down, Mike Hammer (Biff Elliot) will stop at nothing to settle the score for the man who sacrificed a limb to save his own life during combat. Along the way, Hammer rides a fine line between gumshoe and a one-man jury, staying two-steps ahead of the law—and trying not to get bumped off in the process.

At the time I, the Jury was adapted for the silver screen in 1953, Mickey Spillane was the best-selling mystery writer in the world. Capitalizing on Spillane’s acclaim, producer Victor Saville bought the rights to Jury and tapped screenwriter Harry Essex (Kansas City Confidential) to both write and direct. Saville also secured the services of cinematographer John Alton (Raw Deal, T-Men)—the master of light and shadows—to lense this iconic film noir and famed composer Franz Waxman (Sunset Boulevard, A Place in the Sun) to produce the score.

Co-starring Preston Foster (The Informer) and Peggie Castle (The Long Wait), Jury also boasts solid support from Alan Reed, John Qualen, Tom Powers, Margaret Sheridan, Mary Anderson, Frances Osborne, Nestor Paiva, Joe Besser and Elisha Cook, Jr.

Bonus features include an audio commentary Max Allan Collins.