Damned in Paradise Title: Damned in Paradise
Release: October, 1996
ISBN: 0-525-94225-4 (1996 Hardcover), 0-451-19104-8 (1998 Paperback)
Publisher: Dutton (1996 Hardcover), Signet (1998 Paperback)
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Chicago detective Nathan Heller has just been hired by the legendary Clarence Darrow to seek justice in a case tainted by bigotry, secrets, and lies.  One of five Honolulu natives accused of raping beautiful socialite Thalia Massie has been murdered . . . and the defendants are none other than Thalia's own husband and mother.

En route to Hawaii, Heller meets Thalia's cousin Isabel, a dangerously alluring woman who harbors a wealth of intriguing family secrets.  But it is Thalia herself who holds the key to the mystery -- a revelation that turns one of the most sensational trials of the century on its head.


1997 Shamus Award Nominee, Best P.I. Hardcover


Publishers Weekly: "Collins’s vivid sketch of a deeply divided polyglot culture is spiced with colorful real-life characters in Darrow, Buster Crabbe and Chang Apana, the Hawaiian policeman who served as a model for Charlie Chan."


1998 Paperback


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