Stolen Away Title: Stolen Away
Release: May 1991
ISBN: 0-553-07133-5 (Hardcover), 0-451-20241-4 (Paperback)
Publisher: Bantam (Hardcover), Signet (Paperback)
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A $50,000 ransom.  No police involvement, or else.

These were the demands.  And this was the crime . . .

A man sneaks into the Lindbergh family home and snatches up twenty-month-old baby Charles, Jr. and disappears.  So begins the kidnapping that shakes the nation. . . . Two months of torment shared with reporters and police, socialites and psychics, crooks and cranks. . . .

Enter detective Nathan Heller, handpicked by Colonel Lindbergh himself to work on the case.  His search for truth takes him from a train station in Chicago to death row in the New Jersey state prison and finally, to a secluded farmhouse in Michigan.  It's a twisted trail of deception, betrayal, and danger that ends in the most explosive act of violence Heller has ever seen. . . .


1992 Shamus Award Winner, Best P.I. Hardcover


Publishers Weekly: "Don't miss it!" "Collins's reconstruction of the Lindbergh case is so believable, one forgets that this is fiction."

Kirkus Reviews: "a meaty, satisfying rehash of the crime of the century--required reading for people who still wonder."

Somebody Dies: "a gripping read with a surprisingly emotional conclusion...Stolen Away is by far my favorite Heller mystery, and Collins is always my go-to guy whenever I want to indulge my taste for a great historical whodunit."


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