Flying Blind Title: Flying Blind
Release: August 1998
ISBN: 0-525-94311-0 (1998 Hardcover), 0-451-19262-1 (1999 Paperback)
Publisher: Dutton (1998 Hardcover), Signet (1999 Paperback)
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In Flying Blind, detective Nathan Heller is not faced with a crime, but something completely different -- a disappearance.  More painful still, the disappearance of someone he'd known long ago, famed aviatrix Amelia Earhart.  He'd been hired to protect her years ago after the discovery of threatening letters.  But even Nathan Heller couldn't protect her once she boarded her plane and soared away into the horizon.  Now, decades later, he's about to discover what really happened on that fateful flight.


1999 Shamus Award Nominee, Best P.I. Hardcover


January Magazine: (Spoilers at link) "Scrupulously plotted and gracefully written...[Collins's] stories crackle with the authenticity of studied period detail."

Painted Rock Reviews: "[Flying Blind] is a great tale that brilliantly blends fact and reasonable speculation into a wonderful fiction novel."


1998 Hardcover

1999 Paperback



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