Mourn the Living Title: Mourn the Living
Release: December, 1999 / April 29, 2012
ISBN: 03-1201-484-8 / 978-19-3579-725-8
Publisher: Fivestar Press / Perfect Crime Books
Trade Paperback:


Collins provides a vivid portrait of college-town life in the Vietnam years as Nolan does a favor for an old-time Mafia friend and tries to find out how his daughter was killed. Was it really a suicide like the police say? Or was she involved somehow in the circle of drugs that was so pervasive in the college scene? Nolan risks his life investigating a Mafia family's involvement in the girl's death to help out his old pal.

The original novel in Max Allan Collins's series about professional thief Nolan.


Fivestar Press 1999 Hardcover
Mourn the Living

Mystery Vault 2001 Paperback
Mourn the Living

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