Scratch Fever Title: Scratch Fever
Release: June, 1982 / April 29, 2012
ISBN: 05-2341-164-2 / 978-19-3579-726-5
Publisher: Pinnacle Books / Perfect Crime Books
Trade Paperback:


Return of a femme fatale. Beautiful, homicidal Julie has pretty much one solution for every problem. And now Nolan and his sometime sidekick Jon have gotten on Julie's "problem" list. If a pair of out-of-town hitmen can't do the job, Julie will do it herself. Said the Cleveland Plain Dealer: "For fans of the hardboiled crime novel...this is powerful and highly enjoyable reading, fast moving and very, very tough." Now six of Max Allan Collins's early Nolan novels are back in print, with new Introductions by the author.


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