Quarry’s War, Titan Comics Title: Quarry’s War
Release: November 2017 - July 3, 2018
2018 Paperback:


Brand new graphic novel by Max Allan Collins, creator of the highly acclaimed long-running Hard Case Crime series Quarry, now a major TV series!

1970s Chicago and the grim brutality of the Vietnam War collide in this brand new comic title featuring Max Allan Collins’ eponymous assassin, the expert marksman and former Vietnam vet, as he receives details of his latest target from The Broker. It’s an assignment that will see his past as a U.S Marine sniper come back to haunt him...


Quarry's War, Issue #1, Cover A, Alex Ronald
Quarry’s War #1, Cover A
Alex Ronald

Quarry's War, Issue #1, Cover B, Fay Dalton
Quarry’s War #1, Cover B
Fay Dalton

Quarry's War, Issue #1, Cover C, Ricardo Drumond
Quarry’s War #1, Cover C
Ricardo Drumond


Larger Cover Image, Quarry’s War #1, Cover A by Alex Ronald: (1003 x 1523 JPG)
Larger Cover Image, Quarry’s War #1, Cover B by Fay Dalton: (1003 x 1523 JPG)
Larger Cover Image, Quarry’s War #1, Cover C by Ricardo Drumond: (1003 x 1523 JPG)

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