The Goliath Bone Title: The Goliath Bone
Release: October 2008 (hardcover), July 2009 (paperback), August 2010 (mass market)
ISBN: 978-0-1510-1454-5 (hardcover), 978-0-1560-3578-1 (paperback), 978-1-5931-5597-1 (mass market)
Publisher: Harcourt (hardcover), Mariner (paperback)


The bestselling American mystery writer of all time brings back his world-famous PI Mike Hammer for his biggest—and most dangerous—case.

In the midst of a Manhattan snowstorm, Hammer halts the violent robbery of a pair of college sweethearts who have stumbled onto a remarkable archaeological find in the Valley of Elah: the perfectly preserved femur of what may have been the biblical giant Goliath. Hammer postpones his marriage to his faithful girl Friday, Velda, to fight a foe deadlier than the mobsters and KGB agents of his past—Islamic terrorists and Israeli extremists bent upon recovering the relic for their own agendas.

A week before his death, Mickey Spillane entrusted a substantial portion of this manuscript and extensive notes to his frequent collaborator, Max Allan Collins, to complete. The result is a thriller as classic as Spillane's own I, the Jury, as compelling as Collins's Road to Perdition, and as contemporary as The Da Vinci Code.



Mystery Scene #107: "...defiant and gleefully anachronistic...Mickey would approve."

Bookgasm: "'ll want to finish it in a day."

Lies! Damned Lies!: "Even the early 21st century is no match for Mike Hammer."

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